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Renting out an investment property in San Diego can be extremely lucrative. Rents are high, and there’s a large pool of well-qualified tenants who are looking for attractive rental homes in desirable locations. This is a good time to be a landlord, and you can expect to earn consistent and recurring income while your property continues to appreciate in value. 

However, there are a lot of risks involved in renting out a property too. Especially now, when tenant protections include rent control, just cause eviction laws, and specific rules and requirements around security deposits, tenant screening, and habitability. 

To effectively maximize what you earn while protecting your investment property and your own financial interests, you need to partner with a San Diego property manager who has the experience, can access resources, and understands the local, state, and federal laws pertaining to your property. 

You need a team like ours, at Ann Tasias & Associates

There are hundreds of excellent reasons to hire us when you need property management in San Diego. Today, we’re focusing on a few of the most important reasons that we’re the right choice when it comes to leasing, managing, and maintaining your San Diego real estate investment. 

Personal Experience plus Professional Experience

Here’s one of our secret weapons: we’re investors, too. 

Ann Tasias owns rental properties around San Diego and outside of the area. She understands and navigates the same challenges that her clients face. She knows what her investors need because she’s in exactly the same position. 

This personal understanding helps with the professional delivery of services. Our company focuses on:

    • Customer service for both owners and tenants. 
    • Increasing rental values and what your home is worth. 
    • Decreasing the costs and expenses that come with owning a rental property. 
    • Managing tenant relationships so everyone has a good rental experience. 
    • Meeting the needs of your investment goals. 

Whether you’re investing for the first time, growing a portfolio, or looking for management that matters, we’re your best choice. We know where you’re coming from because we invest, too. It gives us a unique perspective when it comes to taking care of the properties that our clients trust us with. We know how important good management is, and we take our role very seriously. You can trust your property with us; we’re going to give it careful attention, and we’re going to make sure that you earn as much as you can with your investment. 

Higher Standards for San Diego Real Estate Management

We work with a lot of rental property owners who have had bad experiences with previous management companies. 

Our team is different. Our approach to running our business is different, and we’re committed to a higher standard of management – for you and for your tenants. 

Residential management is all about relationships. If we cannot establish and maintain good relationships with our owners and our tenants, we shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. Our commitment to developing respectful and professional relationships is reflected through:

    • Our responsive communication. You’ll find that we’re available and accessible to you when you have questions or need some direction. Your tenants will be able to reach us any time something is wrong or they need help.
    • Our reputation locally and within the entire property management industry. We have built our business on customer referrals, and that’s important to us. When someone is happy with what we’ve done for them, we’re thrilled. When someone is happy enough to recommend our services to their friends and colleagues, we know we’re meeting our own high standards of managing properties as effectively and efficiently as we can. 
    • Our partnerships. We work closely with owners and tenants, and we also work well with vendors, real estate agents, and members of the community who have an interest in local housing. Serving the community is an important part of what we do; we’re here to improve the way homes are rented, managed, and maintained. 

We haven’t been in business forever, but we think that’s a strength of ours. It means we’re here in the San Diego rental market with fresh ideas and a wealth of experience and information from a variety of industries and educational backgrounds. We’re not afraid to try new ways of doing things, and we’re always ready to listen to new ideas.

Protecting Your Investment Property 

protecting investment propertyAnother great reason to work with us is our commitment to protecting the condition and the value of your San Diego real estate investment.

Maintenance is a concern for a lot of our owners. We get it – it’s a concern for us, too. That’s why we invest in a robust plan for preventative maintenance. We don’t wait for deferred and unreported repair issues to grow more expensive and complex. We tackle those repairs and replacements while they’re minor and easily managed. We want to keep all of the work we recommend cost-effective. That requires routine inspections, preventative service calls, and a good relationship with renters so we’re told immediately if something isn’t working right. 

Another way we protect your property is by screening tenants carefully. We know owners don’t want to spend time chasing down late rent, mediating tenant disputes, and holding residents accountable to their lease agreements. 

We do all of that for you, and we do it with ease. 

The key is a good tenant relationship and a fair, consistent, and rigorous screening process. While complying with all fair housing laws, we make sure that the tenants we approve can be counted on to take care of your property and pay the rent on time. While screening, we check for:

    • Verification of income.
    • Acceptable credit. 
    • No prior evictions or violent felony convictions. 
    • A positive rental history.

Your investment property is safe with us. 

When you’re looking for professional property management services for your San Diego real estate investment, please consider talking with our team. We deliver the best services and the most value, and we do it with a commitment to communication, technology, and personal relationships. 

Contact us at Ann Tasias & Associates. We’ll tell you more about how we work.